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Fetish Party

I’m *really* into sexy outfits for parties. They are totally impractical since I can’t wear them most places but they make me feel like a fabulous goddess.

This one has a cage top and mesh skirt (insert own bra and panties):

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.27.28 am


This awesome shrug has arm-hiding mesh and my favourite wet-look fabric:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.28.46 pm




$67.91 for the babydoll

$54.33 for the shrug

Shipping Cost:


Shipping Time:

Ordered 2.8.16


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Witch Dreams

So there’s this weird store called ‘Lee’s Dragon Dreams’ that has a very unique selection of clothes (which is striking in a time when everyone has the same stuff from the same brands). I’ve finally got it together and done a big order.

Velvet queen dress:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.54.18 pm

Silky witchy skirt:


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.55.01 pm

DW, this is in black. And was on sale:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.55.49 pm

Mesh witchy skirt:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.57.41 pm





$120.00 for the velvet high-low dress

$55.00 for the chiffon skirt

$69.00 for the velvet lolita dress

$59.00 for the mesh skirt

Shipping Cost:


Shipping Time:

7 days

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Retro Glamour

The days of floral dresses may be long gone, but I do love a 50s silhouette.

This will be glorious for wearing to burlesque nights with some sparkly rhinestones:

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 1.19.33 pm





Shipping Cost:

US$33.51 (!) for express

Shipping Time:

4 days


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Foxy as Fuck

I’m the oldest and the fattest I’ve ever been in my life, and I need more sexy dresses ūüėÄ

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 7.49.20 pm


Also, a mask for that masquerade ball:

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 7.52.25 pm


I have no reason for buying this other than I thought it looked awesome:

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 7.51.27 pm




Black banded dress US$53.95

Black mask US$17.95

Black velvet cloak US$45.47

Shipping Cost:


Shipping Time:

11 days

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Burlesque Black

I’ve seen a few burlesque performances recently, and it’s inspired me to re-aquatint myself with some black lace.

Sexy yet not actually showing very much skin … just the way I like it:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.03.47 pm


This is to make sleeveless dresses look like they have lace sleeves:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 1.38.50 pm


This is entirely impractical but so fluffy and cute:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 1.40.20 pm


This was on a really good sale and I’m sure I’ll be able to do something with it:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.48.59 pm


Who knew that I’d love sport luxe. Yet here we are again:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 1.37.40 pm




$54.88 for the lace crop top

$25.48 for the lace bolero

$54.88 for the nightie

$49.00 for the lace dress

$32.20 for the mesh skirt

Shipping Cost:


Shipping Time:

6 days. Nice.

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Shirt City

I really enjoy the experience of embracing something that I used to hate. Like shirts. HATED shirts for so long. Now here I am specifically shopping for them.

Summery shirt:

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 9.39.34 pm


Chiffony shirt:

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 9.41.26 pm


Weird layer-y thing:

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 9.39.02 pm




$49.00 for the short sleeve shirt

$62.00 for the long sleeve shirt

$15.50 for the layering top

Shipping Cost:


Shipping Time:

10 days

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Sheer Black

Some weird gender nuetral-y layers today.

Mesh thing:

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.13.29 PM


Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.15.21 PM





Shipping Cost:


Shipping Time:

13 days

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Angry spending

As opposed to celebratory spending. Cross about my new job. Grrr. Dresses activate!

Floaty skirt for wearing with band (or guild) t-shirts:


Faux fur stole so I don’t get red paint thrown on my vintage fox by proactive youth:


Cute flocked Melissa flatties to diversify my crocs heavy rotation:


Another copy of this dress because it is my Favourite Dress Ever in All Eternity and I want to have a backup for when I wear it to death:


Soft Etsy style sleeve for my new iPad:


And a gold bangle for those rare days when I’m not wearing silver:



£40.00 for the black mesh skirt

£52.50 for the faux fur stole

£50.00 for the Melissa flats

£50.00 for the retro print dress

£24.00 for the iPad sleeve

£9.00 for the bangle

So £225.50 all up.

Shipping Cost:

Shipping Time:
6 days

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ASOS is clearly my favourite site atm. And the free shipping just keeps bringing me back.

This time I’m after all things black and textured.

Spotty dress ready for layering:


Lace skirt to go with Nigella cardies:


Gold skirt to go with idk what:


Pretty but punchy handbag:



£68.00 for the dress

£40.00 for the lace skirt

£50.00 for the gold skirt

£79.00 for the bag

So £237.00 for this haul.

Shipping Cost:

Shipping Time:
8 days. Nice.

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